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BuddyMaa is a brand that is owned by Super Fliers E-Ventures Private Limited. Our organization specializes in the recruitment and placement of various professionals in the field of education and training. These professionals include trainers who possess *TOT certification, counselors, master trainers, teachers, instructors, professors, tutors, coaches, mentors, advisers, Speakers, Writers, authors, subject matter experts, assessors, and master assessors. 
Our organization specializes in several areas like recruitment, staffing, online learning, ready-to-deploy (RTD) modules, classroom training, on-demand training, upskilling programs, skill development training, Overseas placements, industrial training, etc. 
In addition, our efforts encompass the development of skill-on-wheel and recruit-trained-deployed training methodologies.

Our Services:
Recruitment & Staffing: We match talented workers with companies who desire their abilities. Employers and job seekers may trust BuddyMaa for recruiting and employment. 
Online learning is important in today's fast-changing culture, especially in online education. Self-paced courses and interactive modules from BuddyMaa allow anyone to learn at their own speed.
Our comprehensive training solutions include real-time data (RTD) modules, traditional classroom training, flexible on-demand training, skill-development programs, and specialized industrial training. Our company has the resources and knowledge to help people succeed professionally.
 Education and training are crucial to the future, according to Staffing for Educators and Trainers. BuddyMaa staffs trainers, counselors, master trainers, faculty, instructors, professors, tutors, coaches, mentors, advisers, presenters, writers, subject matter experts, assessors, and master assessors. Establishing linkages between educational institutions and organizations helps businesses hire qualified workers.
The organization helps skilled locate overseas jobs.
Our Commitment: Quality: We strive to exceed your expectations with extraordinary services. The BuddyMaa team ensures each platform interaction is beneficial.
Innovation: As individuals, we evolve with the global context. Innovating and using the latest technology, we provide cutting-edge solutions for your professional and educational needs.
Acceptance of Uniqueness: It is accepted that everyone is unique. To help you succeed, we tailor our services to your needs.
BuddyMaa promotes person and organization empowerment to help them reach their full potential. We offer a wide range of tools, services, and opportunities to help people achieve their ambitions.
Tour with Us:
BuddyMaa is your success partner. If you want to improve your team or learn something new, BuddyMaa is here to assist. With cooperation, we can improve the world.
Experience BuddyMaa's uniqueness and its benefits for your business.
Ambitions (Vision): Toward "revolutionize the education and training industry through novel approaches and become the preeminent catalyst of educational and professional excellence."
What's the mission?
“BuddyMaa is committed to changing training and education by developing talent and expanding. Our aim is to equip education and training professionals with the tools to grow and reach their maximum potential. In all sectors, we aim to enhance educators and trainers.
Improve permanent employment by linking qualified people with recruiting employers. For students' educational growth, we prioritize local and international placements.
By creating Ready-to-Deploy (RTD) modules, on-demand training, and skill development programs, we are revolutionizing education for instructors and students.
Global professionals get training and upskilling to satisfy the changing demands of many sectors. Our objective is to help hardworking people succeed.
Our 'Skill-on-Wheel' and 'Recruit-Trained-Deployed' methodologies provide practical, effective, and quick results to lead training approach evolution.
Perfect Everything You DoFrom hiring to customer service to classroom instruction to online learning, be your best. Perfectionism, honesty, and expertise are always our standards.
Contribute: Our goals are to improve individuals, organizations, and the education and training system. We want to create a worldwide society where learning is unlimited and people's skills are maximized.
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Business Support Service

The function of a job and placement is rethought by BuddyMaa. When it comes to exceptional services, BuddyMaa goes above and beyond the ideal job. Actually, it's quickly becoming the go-to spot for any and all questions about employment and placements.

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